Rethinking Rail Traffic Management
Our upcoming products – in cooperation with our current partners (and possibly you) – are divided in following areas

Area 1: Adele - Train-Control-System (stand-alone)

Areas of application would be e.g.:

Area 2: Adele - Train Control System (interoperable)

The solution approaches can be used in various application areas in order to be able to successfully implement them after an initial analysis, an overall concept, as well as a test and migration phase.

Areas of application would be e.g.:

Area 3: Adele – World – Train Data Exchange

The entire rail sector is currently driven by digitalisation and automation, but open and uniform data systems are hardly available. Siloed applications and developments, lack of transparency or fear of sharing data often prevail.
Railways or logistics can only become more efficient by making relevant data easily accessible to all and by collecting it in a simple way.
With our approaches, we would like to lay a foundation to create an open data exchange across all actors.

Possible applications

Area 4: Adele – World- Track Access Charges

The experience gained on the road can be used profitably for rail. The possibilities for charging and rapid collection appear unlimited here.

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