Our partner “Motseni-Hi-Tech-Space” successfully demonstrated AIS

2nd June 2022 was the start of a new chapter for MHTS. We’re delighted to announce the successful demonstration of our indigenous space based automatic identification systems (SB-AIS) to The Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Arsmcor), The Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT), Aerospace Industry Support Initiative (AISI) and The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI). Satellite AIS receiver enable maritime authorities, Coastal guards and the Navy to combat illegal fishing, pirating and monitor our coastal and deep seas effectively for cargo ships and dark vessels. The Maritime industry depends on the AIS for coastal monitoring and ship tracking. The terrestrial AIS information is limited in range, and so the satellite AIS can cover wide areas including deep seas and monitor illegal fishing and pirating and detect dark vessels when compensated with SAR. Warning in real time for heavy Cargo ships.

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