Official start of “Adele-Rail”

It’s Time for Real Innovation.

For now over a decade the railway sector is talking / discussing about better fair-level-playing field, more capacity, investments, digitalization and so on.

Now I have the pleasure to announce the official start of “Adele-Rail” which will pick up some of these topics and offer concrete solutions. The core field is Traffic Management / Control Systems, but there are still ideas for further developments beyond available.

Based on own international recognized patents enriched with new technologies and different thinking, “Adele-Rail” can introduce new future products, which are sustainable, safe, cost-effective and really innovative.

A sister company is handling issues around road-pricing and toll-systems which are much more flexible than existing ones and gives a new range of applications – for the sake of fair “user pays”-principles and effective, future traffic steering.

“Think Mobility / Rail Different”

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