The new innovative train control and steering systems

Idea - Ockham’s Razor

rethinking rail traffic Management

Our credo is “reduce to the max”. We are taking obvious current complex challenges and simplify fitting solutions – by questioning actual processes, rules and attitudes and historical grown technology-ecosystems. Real innovation in the railway sector is only possible in changing mind-sets and the ability to skip sometimes the “well-known”.

Our main idea related to Train Control System has its origin from our experiences and patents from the roadside.

Following targets were part of our solutions for asphalt and concrete (road):

Why not using synergies for rail?

At first sight you will have the impression that our idea is for track access charging and make the current procedures easier and more flexible.
That’s right, but there is much more possible.

New Train-Control-System

Based on some principles and our patent we are able to define an easy / less expensive solution (alternative / add-on to current systems as e.g. ETCS).

Train Distance Control

Absolute safety even in GNSS radio shadow areas of canyons, tunnels, railway stations, etc.

Patentierte Sicherheit für den Bahnverkehr

Patent logic

If a signal is transmitted by an end OTU in geo-polygon B that has already been transmitted in geo-polygon A, it is no longer in geo-polygon A and has also left the radio shadow area.

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