adele rail-iq-systems

No. We see “Adele-Rail” as a complementary system – either part of the future, open ETCS-solution, or as a stand-alone for various railway systems (e.g. narrow gauge).

“Adele-Rail” has some advantages. ETCS axle counting systems are used for train completeness control or to ensure that the last wagon has also left a block. Adele-Rail also registers that the last wagon has left a block – an identical function – only digital and wires Eurobalises to locate trains. “Adele-Rail” uses satellites for this – an identical function – only digital and practically free of charge (minor fee for geo-positioning). ETCS is currently not a real digital solution – due a lot of hardware-components and requirements to integrate “older” parts of the system.

The conversion of each individual locomotive to ETCS L3 costs up-to € 500,000. Adele-Rail makes it much cheaper.

System safety is absolutely guaranteed, even on multi-track lines. Even if there were theoretical GNSS outliers/inaccuracies from > 5m The train remains physically on its track. The adele safety logic is based on the fact that the respective polygon ID is recorded by the end OTU both at block entry (to enable the previously travelled block) and at block exit by registering the next block ID.

The main technique for dynamic/intelligent stability of position accuracy is G-sensors in the OTUs (also used in cell phones). They physically eliminate all illogical acceleration values of the OTUs. The required GNSS accuracy is exceeded many times over in all applications.

No. Actually we are compiling various elements of future products and starting first tests soon to checks some specific functionalities. We see most of our developments in cooperation with future partners and clients to guarantee full satisfaction by covering all individual requirements and ideas.

Adele is the name of inventor’s granddaughter. We would like to contribute for a green and sustainable future, in the name of next generations.

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