Train distance control illustration


  • Global GNSS OTU positioning and data communication (OTU = On Train Unit)
  • 100% digital – no infrastructure investment
  • For all existing track types worldwide, passenger and goods trains
  • Permanent monitoring of train spacing and train collision hazards
  • Safety and comfort for the locomotive driver through visualisation of trains/parts of trains ahead and stationary – even under extremly poor visibility conditions
  • Digitisation of signalling systems (axle counting systems will also become obsolete)
  • If all trains are equipped with OTUs and dead man systems, rear-end and collision accidents are ruled out with absolute certainty
  • Decisively better line utilisation through intelligent spacing of trains running behind each other (for long line blocks >100%)
  • CO2 reduction through shift of passenger and freight transport to rail ETCS replacement at <1% of the investment
  • Track data: OpenRailwayMap, OTU GNSS and kinematic data recording
  • Patented safety on  all routes, including routes without satellite reception/communication
  • On demand worldwide testing in real time

Absolute safety even in GNSS radio shadow areas of canyons, tunnels, railway stations, etc.

patent logic

Patent logic: If a signal is transmitted by an end OTU in geo-polygon B that has already been transmitted in geo-polygon A, it is no longer in geo-polygon A and has also left the radio shadow area.

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