Who we are

We make Rail Traffic Management innovative

We are following new approaches, taking similar, past obstacles from other industries, challenging our team and (non-rail-) experts, and working out valuable solutions based on our patents.
Our mission is clear. We want to achieve that running trains and its railway system is as simple as up-coming self-driving vehicles and road traffic management systems.

Adele-Systems (daughter-company) was founded in 2013 as a 100% subsidiary of RONA-Systems GmbH. RONA is the market leader (500+ customers) in the field of ERP systems with integrated fleet management in the DACH-region. Adele-Systems was originally a provider of disrupting mobility and infrastructure technology, especially in the field of nationwide road tolling and traffic control solutions for cities. The company has international recognized patents which allows us the use of latest technologies and approaches for modern, innovative solutions – for all transport modes.

Based on these experiences and patents the company “Adele”-Rail was founded in 2021. “Adele”-Rail is developing new products and approaches in terms of Train-Control-System / Traffic-Management and Data-Management-Ecosystems.